Somerset Collaborate: The journey so far


Somerset Collaborate started with six local primary care leaders, all interested in emulating the energy and enthusiasm they had felt from participating in the national NHS Collaborate group within their local area. Their aim was to create a safe and supportive environment for local leaders to develop the skills and relationships necessary to transform patient care.

Six months later and the group has evolved into a dynamic and self-sustaining network of 50 leaders across primary and secondary care. The group’s key principles – to connect, support, and be human – are driving a new culture of leadership and collaborative working across the whole of Somerset.

“It’s lovely to be a person here, not a GP or healthcare professional, but a human being.”
“We’re generating social capital – the glue that holds everything together. That’s what’s happening right here in this room.”
“The NHS encourages people to be their role or their organisation. I love that this allows you to be you”