North West Picnic in the Park


On a slightly damp Tuesday afternoon in July, twelve North West Collaborate members met up for a picnic in the park, at the beautiful Old Rufford Hall in Lancashire. Everyone was encouraged to bring a plate of ‘health-giving’ food to share – with emphasis on nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

Fortunately the rain held off, allowing the group to enjoy their picnic while discussing their experiences within the primary care system. Splitting into pairs, the group then had some time to explore the gardens and discuss their personal leadership journeys, creating their own two-minute videos in the process.

To view some videos from the day, please see Our Stories.

Some of the key themes that emerged were:

  • Just getting on and doing things
  • Not waiting for permission to act
  • Developing relationships with people
  • Starting small and building
  • Importance of cohesion
  • Energy for the Primary Care Home model

“My take home thoughts from today are firstly to reconfirm that people really value the opportunity to connect to others at a human level. Having real conversations and listening with the intention of understanding really beats a million strategy meetings! There is a genuine energy to bring about change by agitating for a bottom-up, provider-led revolution. Overall another great, energising, inspiring afternoon.” – Mark

“Thank you for today…it was a welcome injection of like-mindedness” – Helen

“Lovely setting and interesting discussion. Good to be with folks who really care” – Susie