NHS Collaborate WhatsApp Highlights


The NHS Collaborate WhatsApp group has been alive with various discussions, questions and reflections over the past few weeks. Here are some of the themes that have emerged:


Supporting fledgling PCH initiatives

  • We need GP engagement in workforce development and innovation. How do we enable GPs to see the possibilities of different ways of working?
  • Engaging GPs is always difficult  – they are often overworked, and treading in unfamiliar territory. We need different ways to get them on board, perhaps through practice managers or nurses. GPs are more likely to listen to practice team; top down approaches always have limited success.
  • The best persuasion is seeing something working well elsewhere. The GPFV practice development project provides practical examples of what is working as well as expert support, helping to build local skills for leading change.
  • PCH is more of an ethos than an entity – CCGs need to recognise this.
  • Click here to listen to Nav Chana talking about the Primary Care Home.


What NHS Collaborate means to us

Can-do positivity / Humanity / Boldness / Inspire and be inspired / Not settling for second best / Making the dream live / Inclusive / Celebrating the learning that comes from failure / Celebrating vulnerability / Diversity / Having fun / Being different / Taking risks


What would good general practice look like in 2020?

  • Separating out urgent care access into local hubs, leaving GP practices to concentrate on routine care, prevention and complex cases. Best done with MDT access to patient records – a key component of continuity of care.
  • 20 minute routine GP appointments – allowing time for complex patients.
  • What if in 2020 there was no such thing as a GP? What would patients do? Imagining the future of general practice without any organisational boundaries can help widen thinking about the purpose of what we do and the function of primary care rather than arguments about the form it takes.