Liverpool’s Autumn Festival


“What a day…powerful, inspiring, emotive, creative, reflective, connective…24 hours on, let me introduce myself. ‘Hello, my name is Shana and I’m a positive disrupter.’ FACT. Owning it now! Thank you!” Shana

“A great afternoon demonstrating that everything we do has an impact on others; reminded me of the film, often shown at Christmas ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ starring James Stewart – appreciate I’m old!” Rob

“My take home message was to continue to be brave and think outside the box. Let’s keep the NHS as the best health care system in the world. We as primary care hold the heart of it.” Raakhi

“Today made me feel so positive about working in primary care in a way I haven’t for a long time. When we build relationships like this, it feels anything is possible.” Sam

“Mark and Jaz you were super super inspirational and Pauline’s story made me realise that simple opportunites can make such a powerful impact in our communities. Let’s take some risk but in the knowledge that we have the support of like minded professionals around us.” Tim

On Wednesday, leaders from across primary care headed to Albert Dock unsure exactly what they were in for. Over one glorious Autumn afternoon, Jaz Ampaw-Farr and Pauline Kennedy shared their remarkable stories, a gospel choir popped up, and Mark Spencer introduced the principles of generative listening. In a few short hours, people had connected at a human level in a unique environment, and formed closer bonds that they can build on through WhatsApp and future events.

“It’s amazing what happens when we invest just a small amount in people to feel human and valued, and give them time to reflect on the difference they can make.” Jonathan

“NHS England North (Cheshire and Merseyside) absolutely took a risk and were brave in giving Collaborate a free rein to put on an event that dared to be different.  Something exciting is happening in the North West. Thank you.” Mark