Kintsugi: To repair with gold


Recognising the beauty in the broken – that’s the philosophy behind the Japanese art of Kintsugi, an ancient method of repairing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with gold, silver or platinum.

Rather than throwing the broken fragments away, Kintsugi craftsmen piece them together with beautiful seams of gold. This method celebrates each object’s unique history by highlighting its fractures and flaws instead of hiding them. The result is a unique and striking piece of art, often more beautiful than the original.

The philosophy behind Kintsugi – that nothing is ever truly broken, and that imperfection should be embraced rather than disguised – reflects Collaborate’s core pillars of leadership, including vulnerabilityrisk-taking and resilienceKintsugi celebrates the beauty of failure and the power of restoration. Like the gold-filled seams of a once-broken pot, your vulnerabilities are a testament to your history, and your ability to transform.

Perhaps most importantly, Kintsugi conveys a sense of resilience – that those mistakes and failures of the past actually serve to make you stronger, and a more effective leader. And that whatever life throws at you, the shattered pieces can be brought back together into a powerful whole, one that is even more beautiful than before.