An Evening with Jaz


There has already been so much positive and enthusiastic feedback from those who attended the North West Collaborate get together last week. Jaz Ampaw-Farr, who many of you will know from the Spring Festival, spent the evening in sunny Lancashire, where she explored the meaning of ‘why’, the value in developing a sense of purpose, and the importance of expressing vulnerability in order to connect with others at a human level.

It was great to open up the Collaborate community and welcome some primary school teachers to this event. It highlighted the many similar challenges that leaders in both primary care and education face. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and a big thank you to Jaz for another inspirational and thought-provoking talk.

Some comments from the evening:

“A huge thank you to Jaz for being the inspiration that she is” – Mark

“Thank you Jaz for an amazing and inspirational meeting – as a fledgling leader listening to you has given me so much to think about and explore” – Jo

“Thank you Jaz. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet with you last evening. I now understand the meaning of WHY” – Janis

“Great night everyone and thanks a million Jaz for enabling us to explore our WHY” – Helen

“Top night up North. Batteries recharged Jaz. Thank you, I’m sure you know what effect it has had” – Peter

Put simply, I LOVED IT, both the structure and nature of the event and even more so you Jaz! I have worked in healthcare for coming up to 20 years, I have only recently discovered how empowering true authenticity and vulnerability can be… it has enabled me to grow immeasurably over the past two years in terms of being and feeling like a leader. Hearing what you had to say reaffirmed my beliefs in this, especially when I have first-hand experience of both these characteristics being seen and exploited as a weakness within staff structures – Lee