NHS@2030 Nurturing and developing tomorrow’s leaders–today, 18 September 2018


The Village Hotel in Swindon will be the second venue for the NHS@2030 programme. Working in Partnership with NHS Collaborate, NHS@2030 is designed to support our future primary care leaders, to grow individual confidence, courage and give them the conviction to transform care.  The programme aims to establish a system of continuous quality improvement for patients and primary care teams alike.

If you would like to be part of NHS@2030, please email nhs2030@nhscollaborate.org.

Date  18 September 2018, Village Hotel, Swindon

Updates about the event will go out via the South Central Collaborate WhatsApp group. If you are registered for NHS@2030 but not yet part of the WhatsApp group, please email your mobile number to nhs2030@nhscollaborate.org.